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Oil Refinery, QLD - Dredging & Dewatering

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May, 2020

The Problem:

The Sedimentation Ponds at the refinery were reaching full capacity. Following the previous engagement in 2018, Dredging Solutions was again contracted to remove and dewater the in-situ sludge from the pond.

What We Did:

Utilising the unmanned FLUMP auger suction dredge and associated discharge pipes, Dredging Solutions removed in-situ materials contained within the nominated ponds. The material was pumped through an inline polymer dosing system and pumped to a configuration of Envitubes established in the on site drying pad.

The Results:

The Sedimentation ponds were returned to a functional state within the proposed timeframe. The dredged material was left in the Envitubes® for a further 6 months to consolidate and continue dewatering before being excavated and transferred off site.

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