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Dredging Solutions Cutter Suction Dredge Marine Dredging Sand and Silt

We have more than 35 years of experience undertaking in-shore maintenance dredging projects for a range of clients, the results of which have built an excellent reputation for high quality work and solving problems others can’t.  

Dredging Solutions regularly undertake turnkey marine dredging projects to ensure the continued operation of harbour entrances, channels, marinas, canals and other waterways utilising our GPS guided dredge systems which allow us to accurately remove specified volumes of in-situ sand and sediments. Dewatering and disposal of dredged volumes of contaminated marine sediments using geotextile dewatering containers is a particular area of expertise that we have developed and put into practice.

Dredging Solutions Sand Washing Plant

Where there is available real estate, we employ serpentine sedimentation channels to effectively separate silt and other lighter fractions from dredged marine flows. Properly designed channels allow for winning of sand by an excavator at the point of discharge, with the silt flowing downstream and falling out in the serpentine legs where it can be extracted or incorporated in beach remediation as a substrate for re-vegetation.

Our services include:

  • The removal of accreted sediments from within embayments, waterways and channels. 

  • The grading of sediments for sand stockpiles for redistribution and beach nourishment using settlement ponds and mechanical sand washing equipment.

  • The precision placement and profiling of sediments through direct discharge, sand bypass systems and use of earthmoving plant.

Dredging Solutions Cutter Suction Dredge on Marine Harbour with passive dewatering geotubes

​The dynamic coastal zone is constantly changing as sediments are naturally eroded and deposited. Through the use of our cutter suction dredges and professional sediment transport system, we can undertake dredging projects that repair and enhance degraded beaches and waterways.


The company has designed and fabricated a range of proprietary sand washing plants that are utilised on tight-footprint dredging projects allowing segregation of shells, silt and other gross fractions from the pumped dredge flow. This combination of screen and cyclone technologies can deliver distinct product outputs from raw feed flows up to 500m³/hr, precluding the use of traditional serpentine channel installations. 

Dredging Solutions Serpentine Sedimentation Channel built for marine dredging and dewatering
Dredging Solutions Serpentine Sedimentation Channel built for dewatering of dredge marine sand
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