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Dredging Solutions Gravity Drainage Deck for Sludge Dewatering
Mechanical Dewatering
Gravity Drainage Deck 

Our modular gravity drainage decks are suitable for temporary applications where sludge thickening is required. We also have combo gravity drainage deck/filter press units that will produce a dried cake of >20% solids wt/wt.  Feed sludge throughputs up to 50m3/hr can be achieved.

Gravity Drainage Deck

  • Low site footprint

  • Fast and efficient thickening option

  • Up to 50m3/hr throughput

Belt Filter Press

  • Efficient sludge dewatering >= 20% wt/wt

  • Cost effective - low polymer consumption

  • Can be used in combination with a Gravity Drainage Deck

Dredging Solutions Gravity Drainage Deck Sludge Dewatering
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