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Brisbane, QLD
Dredging and Dewatering


The oil catchment lagoon at this petroleum refinery required maintenance dredging to restore its capacity. There was a substantial build-up of sludge around the inlet area of the lagoon.

Our Approach:

Using the remote controlled Flump auger suction dredge, Dredging Solutions harvested and dewatered ~2,300 m³  of sludge from the oil catchment lagoon. Due to the concentrated nature of the in-situ sludge a relatively high polymer dosing rate was needed to achieve  robust flocculation and subsequent dewatering. Geotextile dewatering tubes were set up on a lined area to allow for containment of the flocculated sludge and to allow for a passive dewatering. The released filtrate was returned to the oil catchment lagoon via a 6" submersible pump, allowing us to maintain the water level and keep the dredge afloat throughout the project.

Dredging Solutions geotextile dewatering containers


At the client's request, Dredging Solutions returned the lagoon to 75% of its maximum capacity during this campaign. With the lined dewatering area now established, future dredging campaigns can be easily carried out from here if necessary.

Dredging Solutions FLUMP dredge on oil refinery oil catchment lagoon
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