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North East Victoria
Dairy Sludge Dewatering and Reuse


A regular client of the company engaged us to conduct maintenance dredging of the sedimentation ponds at their dairy foods processing plant. In addition to the removal of in-situ materials, the project also involved the preparation of an Environmental Improvement Plan for beneficial reuse post-dewatering.

Our Approach:

We dredged and dewatered 8,100 m³ of materials from the ponds using our FLUMP auger suction dredge and geotextile dewatering containers. The sludge samples were tested and confirmed suitable for land based reuse and an optimal application rate was calculated  and provided to the client based on the sludge grading/contamination and destination soil conditions.


The client's sedimentation ponds were restored to their full capacity. Dredged materials were stored in the dewatering containers onsite for further consolidation before being transported to a nearby grazing property for land application.

Dredging Solutions FLUMP auger suction dredge on dairy plant sedimentation pond
Dredging Solutions geotextile dewatering containers dewatering dairy sludge
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