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Central NSW
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Mixing and Dewatering


Dredging Solutions were engaged to undertake a maintenance project on the sludge lagoons at this Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). The client requested that sludge sediment be dewatered and transported to the neighbouring storage facility. During the project, the pond was required to remain online.

Our Approach:

Dredging Solutions removed material from the pond with our proprietary pontoon mounted mixer pump combo. The sludge was then fed directly to our Vitone V9 centrifuge for dewatering to a spadable level (~16% total solids wt/wt) and then deposited directly into 12 MT tipper trucks for transportation to the disposal site. 


The lagoon maintenance was successfully undertaken, returning a significant amount of capacity and causing no interruption to daily operations. Once stacked in the tipper trucks, each load of dewatered sludge cake was confirmed to have a solids content of greater than 16% solids wt/wt, at which stage it was taken to the neighbouring storage facility for placement.

Dredging Solutions averaged production figures of 720m³ per day of feed sludge at ~2% solids wt/wt throughout the duration of the project.

Dredging Solutions Lagoon Mixer on Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludge Lagoon next to Containerised Mobile Centrifuge
Dredging Solutions Lagoon Mixer on Municipal Sludge Lagoon
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