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Mid North Coast, NSW
Maintenance Dredging


Estuary entrances close up over time as a result of marine sands accumulating in the inland channels. To preserve the amenity of the creek, Dredging Solutions was engaged for the removal of accumulated sand banks within the waterway.

Our Approach:

21,000 m³ of material was dredged from the creek utilising the Coonawarra 8" x 6" cutter suction dredge with associated discharge pipework. . The dredged sand was pumped directly to a nominated area and reclaimed to construct bunds via an excavator for further dewatering. As sand began to be deposited on site, the excavator continued to build further cross bunding. This provided extra settling time for sediment prior to returning tail water back to either the lake or surf line. An excavator continually worked throughout the duration of the project to win the material into bunds and stockpiles. 


The majority of sand slurry was relocated to reclaim open space that had been lost to erosion. The dredged sands were effectively dewatered via the deep trench method and profiled in accordance with the client’s beach nourishment requirements.

Dredging Solutions Cutter Suction Dredge Dredging Marine Channel with Excavator
Aerial View of Dredging Solutions Cutter Suction Dredge dredging a marine channel in northern NSW
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