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Dredging Solutions Cutter Suction Dredge Loaded on Prime Mover
Dredges and Mixers

Cutter Suction Dredges

Perfect for Sand and Sediment Removal

Our dredges, “Ruby K” and "Coonawarra", with pumped flow rates of up to 500m³/hr are fitted with GPS hydrographic monitoring systems and sophisticated environmental safeguards, making them the ideal choice for dredging projects within coastal waters or inland lakes. These dredges also feature soundproofed engine rooms to minimise noise emissions and further reduce their environmental impact.

Dredging Solutions Cutter Suction Dredge Marine Dredging Silt and Sand
Dredging Solutions Rotomite 6000 Auger Suction Dredge in a mine tailings dam

Auger Suction Dredge - Rotomite 6000

Robust One-Lift Dredge Capable of Heavy Duty Dredging

The Rotomite 6000 is a diesel powered horizontal auger hydraulic dredge that is suitable for a range of impoundment dredging applications from mining to municipal. 

The operator can articulate the cutterhead to keep the cutting teeth at right angles to the face of the dredged material. Coupled with the hydraulically powered ladder, which uses the dredges weight, our dredge can break up settled solids, and dig down if required.

Powered by a 275 HP John Deere diesel engine and with a draft of only 0.7m, this traverse cabled unit can pump material at flow rates up to 350 m³/hr.

Auger Suction Dredge - FLUMP

Safety and Efficiency through Remote Control

The FLUMP allows onsite operators to minimise their contact with potentially hazardous dredged materials via its remote-control.
With its traverse winch system, a single operator can shift the dredge's pond position in under twenty minutes. The FLUMP is one of the most cost-effective solutions for regular municipal and industrial maintenance dredging.

Dredging Solutions FLUMP dredge on municipal Water Recycling Plant
Dredging Solutions Dino 6 Sludge Dredge

Auger Suction Dredge - Dino 6

Agile Equipment Suitable for Small Pond Dredging

The Dino 6 Sediment Removal System has been designed to perform jobs inaccessible to other equipment. Weighing only 1.7MT and with pumped flow rates of up to 150m³/hr, the Dino 6 can access retention ponds, sediment lagoons, golf course lakes, residential areas, marinas, and myriad other tasks that excavators and large hydraulic dredges simply cannot get to.

Remote Controlled Dredge - Phoenix

Versatile Dredge Capable of a Variety of Functions

The Phoenix is a remote controlled, pontoon mounted, 6” Tsurumi submersible pump. This is a unique piece of equipment specifically designed for small pond dredging. It is a proven performer within sewage treatment lagoons and aeration basins and provides a safe and economical option for a wide-range of dredging activities.

Dredging Solutions Phoenix Remote Controlled Dredge
Dredging Solutions Lagoon Mixer

Lagoon Mixers

Easily Deployed and Low Operating Costs

Our Lagoon Mixers are custom-built pieces of equipment which enable thorough mixing and extraction of sludges within small to medium sized lagoons and ponds. They are fitted with personnel platforms and safety rails along with depth-adjustable mixers and Tsurumi submersible pumps (standard or macerator). The maximum sludge extraction rate is 125m³/hr.

In-situ mixing of sludge allows complete control of the centrifuge feed solids ensuring superior dewatering efficiency. Laydown space required on site is reduced by eliminating the need for a balancing tank, and odour generation is reduced by maintaining the sludge within the lagoon and minimising its exposure to air.


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