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Dredging Solutions Mechanical Dewatering via Containerised Centrifuge on Municipal Sludge Lagoon Water Treatment Plant

The core of Dredging Solutions operations is the provision of services to municipal wastewater treatment facilities. We have many years of experience in the removal and dewatering of grits and biosolids from digestors, sludge lagoons and settlement ponds. 

We have a fleet of manned and remotely operated dredges which harvest sludge to be dewatered through geotextile dewatering containers or into centrifuges. We own and operate a number of high-speed containerised centrifuge dewatering units which provide consistent mechanical dewatering capabilities for a range of projects and client specifications. 

Dredging Solutions provides unparalleled experience in the deployment and use of geotextile dewatering containers to passively dewater fine silts and sludges. 

We also specialise in providing beneficial reuse of  bio-solids for land application via our Environmental Science division. 

Services include:

  • Digestor cleaning

  • Sewage sludge  dewatering and reuse

Dredging Solutions Rotomite 6000 dredging a municipal water treatment plant sludge pond
Dredging Solutions sludge pond municipal site DINO6 dredge
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