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Dredging Solutions DMAX sludge screening services
Screening Services

Dredging Solutions undertake screening or separation projects utilising either our D:MAX mobile screening trailer or rotary drum screens. The D:MAX is suitable for digestor/IDAL and aeration basin cleans separating the screenings, grits and sludge prior to further dewatering.  Our large rotary drum screens are perfectly suited for the temporary bypass of inlets works with flows up to 6000m³/hr.

D:MAX Screening

Dredging Solutions’ D:MAX mobile screening and classification system enables flexible and efficient processing of liquid waste streams from a range of industries. When utilised during a wastewater digestor cleanout the D:MAX allows us to generate a washed screenings output, a dewatered grit output (generally 65% - 70% dry), and a screened sludge output for further dewatering.


The utilisation of the D:MAX can provide significant cost savings to our clients by:

  • Achieving maximum grit and screenings removal and dewatering to achieve minimal waste volumes,

  • Separation of waste products enabling them to be directed to suitable reuse or disposal avenues,

  • Meeting /exceeding waste pre-treatment requirements which are increasingly being required by many landfill sites.

Dredging Solutions Sludge Screening with DMAX

Rotary Drum Screen

Dredging Solution's 5mm aperture rotary drum screens allow us to screen at high flows, up to 6000m³/hr with screenings automatically conveyed into an adjacent waste bin.  This portable piece of equipment is perfectly suited to the temporary bypass of inlet works or use during digestor and tank cleans.

Dredging Solutions Rotary Drum Screen for Sludge Screening
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