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Dredging Solutions Geotextile Dewatering Tubes Passive Dewatering of Sludge at Power Station
Mining & Power

The dredging and dewatering of sediments from mining and power impoundments requires specialist knowledge and equipment. Dredging Solutions have operated across this space for many years and have developed effective methods for processing inorganic mining slurries from a range of different sources.

Dredging Solutions has a fleet of remote controlled and manned auger suction dredges capable of harvesting coal fines and heavier fractions from tailings and run off dams, along with units suitable for harvesting lighter materials such as hydrotalcite from serpentine settlement impoundments.  Dredged material can be pumped to impoundments for storage and evaporation or simultaneously dewatered via mechanical or passive technologies. 

Dredging Solutions Mine Site Dredging

The company has unparalleled experience in the deployment and use of geotextile dewatering containers, which allow for high flow rates to be more economically accommodated by manifolding multiple dewatering containers. The containers continue to consolidate and dewater to the required moisture level after the filling has finished and all other equipment has been removed from site.

Mechanical dewatering via belt filter presses is an efficient and highly mobile option utilised where there is not available footprint for passive dewatering. 

Services include dredging/dewatering of:

  • Sedimentation basins

  • Blowdown ponds

  • Tailings dams

  • Mixing ponds

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