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Sludge Surveys

Dredging Solutions have over 10 years experience surveying ponds; adopting simple and proven

methods to accurately determine the volume of sludge volumes and capacity remaining.

Services > Sludge Surveys

Dredging Solutions specialise in undertaking sludge surveys that determine key indicators of treatment capacity and space available.

The lagoon edges are measured and marked into grids, allowing locations to be accurately measured utilising depth probes, interface detectors and sludge samplers.


  • Sludge depth (m)

  • Total pond depth (m)

  • Density of specific sample points (% Total Solids)

The above figures help form the basis of the standard contract information for any dredging and dewatering that may be required. They provide the detail required to determine the total volume of sludge in a lagoon (Dry Tonnes).

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Combo Image.JPG
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