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NSW Mine Maintenance Dredging

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June, 2018


The client's Sediment Dam and Emergency Tailings Dam (ETD) at this site required maintenance dredging of in-situ materials. The project involved discharge of coal tailings to the belt press filters onsite for reprocessing, thus requiring selection of optimal pipeline dimensions and routes.

Our Approach:

The Sediment Dam was dredged first following the installation of a booster pump for this section. Once completed, the dredge and pipework were moved to the ETD for dredging of in-situ material contained within. The dredged material from both dams was discharged to the belt press filter feed tank.


The Sediment Dam and ETD were desludged in line with the client's specifications. Installing temporary pipeline specifically for this project instead of utilising the existing pipeline allowed Dredging Solutions to comfortably finish within the project completion timeline.

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