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Mid North Coast, NSW - Digester Desludging

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Projects > Industrial > Mid North Coast, NSW - Digester Desludging

November, 2018


The digester tank at this processing factory was near capacity and required urgent maintenance dredging. Dredging Solutions was engaged to remove the in-situ materials with small-footprint equipment suitable for the scope of the project.

Our Approach:

Sludge was pumped and fed into the Feed Averaging Tank (FAT) before being dewatered using the containerised Vitone V9 centrifuge. The resulting dewatered sludge was loaded onto trucks for beneficial reuse at a local site.


Concerns around the digester overflowing were resolved through the effective pumping and removal of sludge from the digester tank well within the desired time frame. The dewatered solids were then loaded directly onto trucks for transportation to a nearby farm for land application in line with the NSW Biosolids Guidelines.

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