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Coffs Harbour - Inner Harbour Dredging

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December, 2018


The minimum channel depth of the Inner Harbour Entrance was greatly compromised due to increasing south swell. These conditions posed risks to commercial and industry operations. Based on these concerns, the Department of Land engaged the services of Dredging Solutions to remove the excess sediment and improve navigability through the channel.

Our Approach:

Prior to the commencement of work, Dredging Solutions notified all relevant stakeholders and provided platforms for discussion regarding the project. A depth level of -4.5 LAT was achieved utilising the Coonawarra cutter suction dredge. Approximately 3,300m³ of materials were side-casted to the designated stockpile area during this process.


The Inner Harbour Entrance channel was effectively dredged to the client's specified requirement. The channel depth is now in line with the design guidelines, providing sufficient space for the fleet to navigate the entrance.

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